Hattvika Lodge

make a difference Waste management

Waste is a resource and should be reused. At Hattvika Lodge, we have facilitated for recycling and that you as a guest can contribute to more sustainability in the tourism industry.

In the back area of the parking lot, we have put up a recycling station which has bins for different types of waste and a big blue bin for mixed waste.

In the cabins, you will find different waste bags that should be used (or use bags from the local store or supermarket). BIO bags for food waste are available and should only be used for organic waste (food waste).

Here are the sorting objects:

In the big blue box, you’ll dispose all other items than below specific described waste
Dispose glass and metal items here
Dispose cans and plastic bottles for juices, soda, beers etc (marked with re-use label) here
In this box, you ONLY dispose food waste wrapped in the BIO waste bag (transparent green/thin bag)
WfblX kg
ONLY clean plastic (NO food remainings/ grease/paper)

Hard paper/cartons/paper