Hattvika Lodge is proud to announce a newly offered service. Roland Hummer from Austria aka ITCHY-FEET, who joined the Hattvika team in January 2018, offers trail running courses and personal coaching at the majestic Lofoten islands in addition to hiking adventures.

Trail running can build strength and improve form. As training miles accumulate it’s tempting to start logging miles off-road and there are many benefits to be gained merely from changing surfaces. Trail running will strengthen muscles in the foot, ankle and pelvis, otherwise not developed while running on urban terrain. This strengthening increases overall muscle recruitment, creating more power and resulting in higher running efficiency.

There is no other place like the Lofoten islands to explore the mountains quick and safe by your own engine. Lifelong memories will be stored at your own hard-drive after roaming the world’s most beautiful archipelago.

By interlocking training and vacation with professionals at Hattvika Lodge, you’ll find a perfect balance between relax and play. The close by mountains is only 5-10 minutes away. From the basecamp to the summit it’s hard work, coaching and enjoyable learning of the discipline; Trail Running

September 10 – 13 in 2020 we’re holding our own Trail Running Event

What to expect: 

  • Personal Coaching 
  • Fundamental personal analyses 
  • Customized schedule training plan 
  • Training based nourishment 
  • Night run, training techniques, orientation 
  • Two massages, sauna & hot tub 

Who should attend? Athletes without or little experience: 

  • Adapting phase program with workouts sessions for Trail Running 
  • General physical reinforcement 
  • Getting ready for first Trail Running (competition) 
  • Improving running technique on street runs and 
  • trail tracks 
  • How to choose & use Trail Running gear & apparel 

Experienced Athletes: 

  • Hattvika trail running course for sports people 
  • who want to get to know this sport in all its 
  • main aspects, like runners, triathletes, 
  • mountain bikers, trekkers, etc. 
  • Trail Running for Advanced Trailers 
  • Nutrition and Supplements in Trail Running 
  • Improving running technique on trail tracks 
  • Development of power and strength 
  • Increase in speed and endurance 

Price and availability upon request. Price starts at NOK 800,-/ hour for coaching or NOK 3.000,-/ normal day for classes.

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