There is a place where the sun does not rise for weeks. But the sky is then lit up with some other kind of lights…. This place is called Lofoten where the rugged mountains meet the rough sea.

When designing a accomodation place like Hattvika Lodge you need to focus on the extremely change in light conditions

– From completely darkness in the winter time to lights on 24/7 in the summertime….

But the most important design rule is to connect with the right professionals to keep the project within scope. We connected with!

At Hattvika Lodge we have been working with for 5 years. From the very first move in restoring old fisherman cottages to a 5 STAR accommodation provider at the sweetspot of the Lofoten islands. In 2014 we started to renew our private restaurant and we’re very pleased with the original light plan- all LED’s from

In 2017 we started the design of our new AND the only Möller’s Tran COD LIVER OIL TASTING DEPOT. The task was to enlighten our outdoor facilities in a very authentic way by focusing on the green bottles of Möller’s Tran. The house is now fully glowed with LED bars and complement lights from LED ONLINE. A truly enlightened TASTE DEPOT at the pier of Hattvika Lodge.

To summarize our winter opportunities in the Lofoten islands, please look up the attached video.

Please feel free to visit the videographer here. Zimy da Kid – you are the boss!

This is 

We only run webshop. This in order to keep as low prices as possible. Our vision is to deliver good products at a competitive price and fast delivery.

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