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Norway, Lofoten – The Land Of The Midnight Sun

Enter the Lofoten Islands and explore the midnight sun – May 26 – July 17

When you choose to visit Lofoten, consider timing it to witness the spectacular midnight sun. A summer vacation to beautiful northern Norway will give you plenty of time to explore. With 24 hours of sunlight, a hike can now begin after dinner and return early morning hours. Following the sun as it tracks across the landscape, threatening low, but never dipping below the horizon.

Explore the Lofoten Islands on your summer vacation to Northern Norway to capture the majesty of this unique polar experience. Lofoten, located almost 200 kilometres north of the arctic circle can claim the title of the majestic land of the midnight sun. Unlike countries at lower latitudes which claim the title, Lofoten enjoys this phenomenon for much longer (over two months) in comparison to Iceland’s few days of twilight.

Midnight sun does not always mean the sun is above the horizon for 24 hours a day. On Lofoten, the sun doesn’t reach its lowest point below the horizon until 01:00 am. Lofoten has towering pinnacles that drop serval hundred meters vertically straight to white sandy beaches into the azure blue water below. Those mountains and beaches that have a clear view to the north provide the perfect vantage points for the midnight sun.
In Lofoten, the position of the midnight sun remains the same as summer passes. The only change is its position above the horizon. The maximum height, of course, is on the summer solstice celebrated on the June 20 / 21st. The only effect the date has on your ability to see the midnight sun is whether mountains are blocking the near horizon as the suns latitude decreases. This is why the position of the Lofoten Archipelago, jutting out into the Norwegian Sea is perfect for unobstructed views of this extraordinary place. 

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