Hattvika Lodge


Möller’s Cod Liver Oil

The world’s only Cod Liver Oil Taste Depot is located at Hattvika Lodge, Ballstad

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Lofoten’s history goes back a long time and is based on the Lofoten fishery – the world’s largest fishing takes place just outside your fisherman cottage in Hattvika. Cod Liver Oil has traditionally been used by locals as light oil, for paints fisherman cottages and vitamin supplements. We’re talking about pure Omega-3 on the exterior walls! By the way, this is the reason why the Lofoten rudders have the authentic red color. Isn’t it beautiful? In 1852, Möller’s Tran was established and acquired in recent years by the food distributor Orkla and the Cod Liver Oil is packaged in several nutritional products, the most well-known being Möller’s. Cranes have gradually been sought after outside of Lofoten and Norway and are exported all over the world today. At Hattvikholmen, millions of bottles of Cod Liver Oil are produced annually and you as a guest with us can get your daily dose from our Cod Liver Oil Taste Depot. This is original, promotes the Lofoten history, focuses on short-range supplements and is part of Lofoten’s origins, where fishermen had to think twice before spending a penny…

Welcome to Hattvika Lodge and an authentic Cod Liver Oil experience!


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